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what can I learn online?

Limu offers you the opportunity to learn about subjects and skills ranging from the academic and professional to anything fun and hobby-related. From maths and marketing to painting and cooking, there are over 400 subject categories on our marketplace where real-life teachers, students, professionals, learning institutions, and dedicated hobbyists (we call them 'Teachers') can offer Knowledge Assets online.

We define Knowledge Assets as any Knowledge offering, such as courses, degree programmes, tutoring sessions, insights and perspectives etc.

The combination of Limu's live Virtual Classroom and learning marketplace is unique in that it allows you to tap into and choose from an unprecedented richness and diversity of global Knowledge and learning content. Teacher and content are brought to you live and in real-time via a feature-rich browser-based Virtual Classroom.

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how does it work?

Learning at Limu is based on the Teacher and Learners meeting and interacting live and online in Limu's browser-based Virtual Classroom. With live voice chat, live text chat and a virtual drawing board, our Classroom offers you all a traditional classroom would and more. Our Virtual Classroom is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here you can post messages and replies in the forum (our online discussion board) and download files and reference materials to the library. Transcripts of all live sessions are available to all participants during and after the Knowledge Asset has been completed.
Click here to take a tour of the Virtual Classroom now.

search for a Knowledge Asset now

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how much does it cost?

The Teacher offering a Knowledge Asset will set the proposed fee. This can range from as low as US$10 for a shorter Knowledge Asset to several hundred dollars for Knowledge Assets for a degree programme, for example. However, you can propose, and come to an agreement with the Teacher, to lower the fee before your booking is confirmed.

Payment is required either:

  • 'at booking' – once your booking has been confirmed with the Teacher;

  • 'on satisfaction' – only if you are satisfied with the content, after being prompted by the Teacher to rate and pay for the Knowledge Asset; or

    'on delivery' – once the Knowledge Asset is complete.

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search for a Knowledge Asset now

At Limu, you will find Knowledge Assets on topics ranging from the academic and professional to the fun and exciting. You can search or browse for a Knowledge Asset either by category or impulse, or by using the free text search. You can choose the language in which to search, as well as select the type of Knowledge Asset, such as courses, tutoring sessions or degree programmes, for example.

Furthermore, if you do not find a suitable Knowledge Asset on our marketplace, you can post a 'wanted Knowledge Asset', and a Teacher will respond if he/she can offer a Knowledge Asset that meets your needs.

Click on the link below to go directly to the search page where you can search for a Knowledge Asset.

When booking a Knowledge Asset, you may find that many of the Knowledge Assets offered have pre-determined starting dates and times upon which you can book. However, you can also suggest a new schedule if the Teacher's pre-set dates and times are not suitable. During the booking process, you can negotiate the dates and times, and fees and method of payment with the Teacher. This will enable you to book a Knowledge Asset that meets your needs.

search for a Knowledge Asset now

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